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I want to Cum for You

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You Can Make a Fantasy Cum True!

You sit in a chair, I begin to dance in front of you. seductively  swinging my hips from side to side, running my hands over my curvaceous body. Slowly sensuously I begin to undress for you. Naked, I straddle your lap my  voluptous breasts right there in front of you waiting to be fondled. My large perky nipples are already hard  & just begging to be gently pinched and played with. You can feel the sweet warmth of my bare pussy pressed against your hard cock. I slowly begin to grind you pull me closer and….. You have the opportunity to  formulate the rest of the story.  Click below to find out where and when I’ll be available to make your dreams cum true!


Summer Fun


Chicago Exxxotica

Its hard to believe summer is already over. It was an amazing summer filled with hot, steamy sex!! Adam was able to satisfy my voracious sex drive the entire summer. Fucking me two to three times a day nearly every day for the entire month the kids were away.  Our trip to the trip to the Wisconsin Dells was a blast!  I loved the water slides!  The flow-rider ripped my bikini top  down twice. giving everyone around a clear view of my 32g breasts. First at the bottom, I struggled to cover up and then just when I had my breasts covered the force of the water pushed me to the top ripping aside my top once again exposing my enormous, glistening, wet  breasts  for everyone around to see. I can’t wait to go back next summer!

The breast revealing Flow-Rider


The bikini top that didn’t want to stay on.

I’ve decided to take an extended break from school. Since the tradgedy of my daughter’s death  in January, I’ve decided to focus my time on the people I love and doing the things I enjoy most.  Life is too short to spend time in school!  This gives me the freedom to travel.  I’m really excited about going  to Los Angeles, October 3rd-10th. I have a few girl/girl scenes booked, and  will be visiting family (finally get to meet my new grandson!!).  I will also be appearing at a club in City of Industryand possibly Vegas.  Then in December I have a vacation booked on a warm tropical island.  A real vacation!  Nothing but sex, relaxing on the beach, and then more sex.  I can’t wait!  Now that the kids are in school and I’m home alone during the day I can pursue another favorite activity,  sexy live online shows.  I’m hoping everything will be ready to start by next week. The thought of a complete stranger stroking his juicy, hard cock while he watches me touch and caress my body gets my pussy so hot and wet! Mmmmm, I think I’ll go play right now.  I wish you could watch!!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my “Meet Me” page for updates on where and when I’ll be available for lascivious lap dance fun!!!



The Perfect Fuck Buddy

When I moved here to Chicago I never imagined how hard it would be to find a guy that I enjoy spending time with that loves sex as much as I do.  After two long years of searching I think I may have found my sexual match (and as a bonus he also has the perfect dick for my pussy)!!! Though I must admit, I have had a wonderful time searching. I have had many amazing sexual encounters along the way. My favorite memory being the night I met Adam. I was incredibly horny that night and needed to be fucked. I dressed in a tight little blue dress, extra low-cut showing off my 32G breasts along with a sexy pair of knee high black leather boots.  As I walked into the club men turned to stare.  Suddenly a good looking man walked up with a ketchup bottle and said “Do you like ketchup” pointing the ketchup bottle at my breasts and squirting ketchup (well it looked like ketchup, was really just string) all over my dress. I love to laugh and this guy definitely knew how to make me laugh. By the end of the night we were out on the dance floor passionately making out. My pussy was aching for his cock. I realized that I may want this guy to be  more than a one night stand so I played a little hard to get so didn’t go home with him that night. I was so horny on the drive home that night that I pulled over in an empty parking lot, hiked up my dress and played with my sopping wet pussy right there in the car. Within a few minutes I felt my pussy explode in a massive orgasm.  The next night Adam and I went out for dinner. I wore a short little red halter dress with no panties. Dinner was wonderful!  We didn’ talk a lot, spent most of the time kissing.  We ended up at his place.  He pulled his car into the garage, we started making out right there against the car.  Adam lifted my dress than gently picked me up and sat me on the hood of the car. My legs spread wide, he put his face between my thighs and softly kissed his way towards my pussy lips. I moaned in pleasure at his touch. His tongue flicked back and forth teasing my clit. I grabbed his head pulling him towards me, I screamed as I felt waves of pleasure run through my body as I came. We went to Adam’s bedroom. Laying on the bed, our tongues passionately explored each others mouths. I could feel the hardness of his huge bulge against my body. I unbuttoned his shirt kissing his neck and chest as I worked my way down. I unfastend his pants, pulling them down. I ran my tongue up the shaft of his hard cock, taking it into my mouth when I reached the tip. I wanted to feel every inch of his huge cock in mouth. My pussy tingled as I felt his cock deep in my throat. I needed his cock in my pussy. I straddled him spreading my pussy lips wide, slowly lowering myself onto his massive cock. I felt waves of pleasure as the walls of my pussy tightly caressed his hard cock.  My lips found his,  his tongue plunged into my mouth, I felt my pussy explode in pleasure with one orgasm after another. He moaned and I felt his hot cum shoot deep inside my pussy.  We fucked three times before falling asleep that night.

Day two GF Shoot, The very sweet Veronica Snow

Days 2 & 3 in LA

I’m back in school now so I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on anything but school. Tonight I needed a little time to de-stress. I feel much better after a few Ciroc and tonics. I guess I’ll start where aI left off. My trip to Los Angeles, the second day.

Day two I  was looking forward to working with Christian XXX.   I love tall very muscular men, Christian is able to pick me up like I weigh nothing. I like the feeling that he could take control and totally dominate me.  At the same time though it scares me because of my past experience in an extremely abusive relationship. I want to be controlled but at the same time have  a fear of not being in control.  Christian is such a big muscular guy , with him there is no other option he is in total control.

I was in the bathroom fixing my hair before we started filming.  Christian came up and started fucking me from behind. He wrapped his arm around the front of me and lifted me off the ground while he fucked me from the rear. His huge cock felt incredible in my pussy.  I didn’t want him to stop, unfortunately we were interrupted. It was time to start shooting the scene. I couldn’t wait to finish all of the ridiculously lame dialogue leading up to the sex, all I could think about was how good it felt when Christians cock was deep inside my pussy. Finally It was time,  It was an  anal scene, Christians cock was the thickest I’ve ever taken in my ass. It was an amazing feeling to have that huge thick cock deep inside my ass.  I really hope I get to work with Christian again soon.


Next I had a lunch date with an older gentleman friend of mine and one of his much younger girlfriends. We went out for Thai food, which I love and this restaurant was excellent. Unfortunately the girl was lame.  As I leaned in to kiss her she whispered “lets pretend, ”
She had multiple pretend orgasms while I faked licking her pussy. It really was pathetic. I guess she was only there for other motivation besides sex.

It was still early, one more stop. Next I was going to work with Tee Reel. This scene didn’t have  a lot of dialogue. We pretty much just got to the fucking, Tee Reel was awesome to work with, another person I’ve wanted to work with for a long time.

The next morning I was on the set with Girlfriends films. I love working for them! Magdalene St Michael’s, my partner in crime back when I lived in LA was also on set that day. It was so good seeing Magdalene, her and I have had some of the best times together. I was working with a beautiful 24 year old, oops I forgot her name. I think it may have been Hayden Night, not sure. The scene was wonderful, lots of kissing, stroking and licking.

Next I was off to see the older gentleman friend, he had another woman he  wanted me to meet. We had a dinner at a favorite Beverly Hills restaurant’s than came the fun. This one was definitely a winner! Not beautiful, very sexy though. She was an amazing kisser and one of the best at licking pussy that I have ever had.  She was absolutely amazing.

I guess I’d better get back to the books. I can’t wait till my next trip to Los Angeles. Nothing but Sex, Sex and more Sex. I love it that way!!!