McKenzie's is my favorite hole-in-the wall on Paradise Island.  Pigged out everyday on Fried Conch and Tropical Salad

5 Days on Paradise Island

We stayed at the Cove which has an adults only pool "Cain at the Cove"
We stayed at the Cove which has an adults only pool “Cain at the Cove.” I spent hours laying out in the sun sipping on my favorite Bahamian drink, a “Goombay Smash” 


IMG_1920McKenzie's is my favorite hole-in-the wall on Paradise Island.  Pigged out everyday on Fried Conch and Tropical Salad
McKenzie’s is my favorite hole-in-the wall on Paradise Island. Well worth the walk over the bridge and a nice reprieve from the tourist trappings at the Atlantis.  Had lunch here everyday. Cracked Conch and Tropical Salad with an ice cold Kalick.. That’s McKenzie behind the counter preparing a delicious tropical salad
A nice soak in the tub before dinner and dancing

A nice soak in the tub before dinner and dancing

5 Days on  Paradise Island

Nassau is one of my favorite places to be. I’ve been lucky enough to go there every year for three years now. This was the first time at The Cove. I loved that it was much quieter than the other Atlantis hotels.


Enjoying a delicious meal and margarita at Bobby Flays, Mesa Grill. It was amazing!!

Enjoying a delicious meal and margarita at Bobby Flays, Mesa Grill. It was amazing!!





Time to party! Partied every night on the dance floor! My feet were aching by the end of the trip. I had so much fun that it was worth the pain! .



Sexy Cougar Strikes at Sex Convention

I always feel a little reminiscent at the end of the year. I have so many naughty memories of fantasy’s come true.  Like several years ago while attending a convention I met a guy in his early thirties. Almost 20 years younger than me.  He was there with a few friends. Honestly I can’t remember his name or what he looked like. I do remember that he was very attractive, fun, & unfortunately married.  He was just too cute to walk away from, so we both agreed that we would just hang out and keep everything platonic. We spent several hours together wandering around the convention talking and drinking. We decided that we shouldn’t see each other again even though we had a great time. He offered to walk me to my car. I figured that would be ok since the parking garage was very  busy. A lot of people around, it will be easy  to resist temptation.  We arrived at my car I thanked him for walking me to the car and gave him a hug.  The hug somehow turned into a passionate kiss. We both pulled away apologizing. The attraction was too strong he kissed me again, his tongue dancing against mine. His hands caressed my breasts which were practically falling out of my low-cut top. He lifted my skirt slipped aside my panties. his fingers probing my moist  pussy until he found my clit. His tongue in my mouth he fingered my pussy.  I unzipped his jeans and grabbed his cock I felt it throbbing in my hand. As a steady stream of cars passed us he gently pushed me against the side of the  car and slid his hard dick into my swollen wet pussy. I moaned in ecstasy as his cock slid in and out of me.  He grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him burying every inch inside my pussy.  I moaned as I felt the warmth of his huge load shooting deep inside me. I’ve never contacted him again. Better to keep it a memory in the past.



bedroom 1834 topless beach 2138

I want to Cum for You

I’ll be on cam during the day, the best time to catch me is in the late morning early afternoon.  We can chat for free or you can have me all to your self in a private custom show. I love hearing your naughty fantasy’s, watching you stroke your rock hard cock, role play, dressing up, etc. My favorite moment though is when I am writhing and screaming in ecstasy as my pussy explodes in orgasm.2138            Click Here To See More1828


                    Cum Join Me for some hot, orgasmic fun



Sunset Bar, St Maarten

Sunset Bar, St Maarten

IMG_0021 (1)


Orient Beach, St Martin

IMG_0027 (1)


First night of the cruise, lobster for dinner tonight! My favorite, I ate three! .A few hours later I was giving a lapdance at the onboard night club. I love how liberal they were on the ship.

Cruising the Caribbean


the Sunset Bar and Grill in ST Maarten

7 days of  wild fun on the Norwegian Epic.   I spent much of the trip topless.


Hot tub fun!!! This was a gay couple, afterwards every guy claimed to be gay.

hot tub-3-1

mmmmm, yummy. Finally convinced someone else to go topless


I’ve wanted to dance in a go go cage since I was  a child. My dad was a musician, one night while my mom was picking him up from a bar he played at, they let me go in the bar to use the restroom (rules were a little more lax back then). As I walked through the bar I noticed the go go girls dancing in cages, they looked so beautiful. So at the age of 7, I decided that was what I wanted to do when I grew up. I even talked my mom into buying me a pair of hotpants and little white go go boots.



Ready for the “white party” Was dancing on the table tops by the end of the night..



I love shopping!


Port of St Maarten


tiny but comfy cabin



Vegas AVN Show January 2013


Magdalene St Michaels, Jodi West, & Me

Life has been busy the past few months, so its taken me awhile to update the site. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot this winter.   I had so much fun in Vegas. I shot a scene for Filly Films.  I played the role of a Mom who is angry because my daughter is  at the AVN Convention.  We shot the opening scene at the Hard Rock where the convention took place. I then scold her while we take a cab back to my room at Cesar’s Palace where I  teach my daughter a lesson. Was a lot of fun to shoot. I love playing the angry mom.  The movie is “Mommy and Me 6″





Dakota Charms and Me on the way to Cesar’s Palace for our sex scene

At Cesar's Palace fooling around with Dakota Charms

At Cesar’s Palace fooling around with Dakota Charms

Me and Dakota Charms

Me and Dakota Charms

Director Juan Cuba

Director Juan Cuba

Dan from Girlfriends Films and Magdalene St Michaels on red carpet

Dan from Girlfriends Films and Magdalene St Michaels on red carpet


Jesse Jane on red carpet

Red Carpet

Red Carpet

Topless with Dakota after sex scene

Topless with Dakota after sex scene

The red carpet at the Avn Award Show

The red carpet at the Avn Award Show

Magdalene St Michaels looking gorgeous in her stunning gown

Magdalene St Michaels looking gorgeous in her stunning gown

Magdalene and me

Magdalene and me


Exhausted after a long day and night in heels


Jesse Jane and Me



Magdalene and Me at the Girlfriends Films Meet and Greet

Jodi West and Me AVN Convention

Jodi West and Me
AVN Convention

Me with Sophie DeeAVN Convention

Me with Sophie Dee
AVN Convention

Happy to be going home after 5 Days of partying  in Vegas

Happy to be going home after 5 Days of partying in Vegas


bahamas2012 resize 003 (3)_2

Bahama Mama

The Bahamas were so much fun!!! The best trip ever!!! I can’t wait to go back.


Delicious fresh caught lobster at the “Poop Deck”.


bahamas2012 resize 002_2 (2)_2

Loved the hot sun and cool ocean breeze on the beach.


bahamas2012 024 (2)_2                 Playing with the dolphins at “Dolphin Cay” was an amazing experience!

My Latest Porn Adventures

Vega, on set for Venus Girls

This last trip to LA was a busy one! First had some family time, finally got to meet my adorable newborn  grandson. Next I did a quick trip to Vegas, was there less than 24 hours. I crammed as much as I could into my time there. I danced at the Palomino Club. Where I met the sexy, huge breasted, blonde Alura Jenson. I loved the Palomino Club and had a great time, the club is all nude and serves alcohol. I had an especially good time with a couple from the Chicago area. Every year on their anniversary they visit the Palomino. The three of us spent time together in the private VIP, she had beautiful breasts with perfectly delectable nipples. Such a fun couple to play with! I stayed at the Palomino till 6 am. Then after a few hours sleep, I did a some femdom clips for Venus Girls. lots of Mom and stepson scenes, a cuckold scene in which my “husband” is restrained, wearing a chastity belt, forced to watch while I fuck a young hot asian, milked a few cocks and a scene in which I transform from an annoying, sexually uptight, dowdy step mom to a hot, horny nympho step mom.




Next I headed back to Los Angeles I desperately needed a good nights sleep. The next two days I worked with Girlfriends Films. The first days shoot was a MDEC shoot, worked with Syren DeMer, Kiera Winters, and I was paired the adorable, hot & sexy Dillion Harper. Dillion was awesome!  Her and I spent some time looking through a sex postion picture handbook, so were inspired to try some new positions. Our sex scene went on for almost an hour and was absolutely amazing.  The best part was the 69 postion we ended up in at one point.

Girlfriends set with Dillion Harper








By the time we finished we had really worked up an appetite.  Luckily the beautiful and talented Jodi West and her hubby were in town and they had cooked a delicious feast for everyone to enjoy. They had even made sangria loaded with fresh luscious fruit. I enjoyed a little too much of the sangria so Dan invited me to stay the night at the shoot house.

 Creepy art work was on every wall

I had trouble falling asleep that night. Scary scenes from every horror movie I’ve ever watched flashed through my mind as I lay there. I think it was because the room I was in had really wierd artwork on the walls.










Day two GF Shoot, The very sweet Veronica Snow



Magdalene & I at PSK

The next day I Worked with Syren DeMer, Zoey Halloway, and Veronica Snow. It was a scene for a new GF series. I was partnered with Zoey Halloway & was my first Milf/Milf scene for Girlfriends Films.











We finished up just in time for me to head over to Sardo”s for Tuesday night Porn Star Karaoke. It had been almost a year since I had seen Magdalene, she looked as beautiful as always. She is such a wonderful woman and a dear friend so it was very good to spend some time with her. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too late, had a morning flight back to Chicago