Naughty Nurse,Frisky French Maid, & Memories of My New Years Threesome

It seems like just yesterday was the start of the fall semester at school, I can’t believe its already over with and the start of winter break.  The time flew by too fast.  I have my last two finals tomorrow than no school till mid January.

although I didn’t have a lot of free time the past few months, I did manage to have some fun.

These are pics me getting ready for Octoberfest.

Halloween was so much fun. At Industrial Strip I wore a naughty nurse costume. My nursing specialty was checking for Erectile Dysfunction. During each exam I followed a similar testing procedure. After a few minutes of  a sexy strip tease I would straddle each patients lap, placing my warm wet pussy against his crotch. In this postion I could acurately guage the strength of his penile erection. I’m very happy to say that I did many exams that month and I was not able to find a single case of ED. Every penis became rock hard (I love my job)

I celebrated Halloween at a party. This is before the party

These are right before they kicked me out. I don’t know why. My memory of that night is a little foggy.  It was either because I was running around spanking everyone with my feather duster or because  I was trying to grab the Katy Perry look-a-like when she was on stage for the costume contest, all innocent clean fun. I was being good, didn’t flash my boobs and was wearing a bra and thong under my very short dress and I didn’t make out with any girls. I guess this is the suburbs. Here everyones squeeky clean in public.  Of course there is New Years Eve, I know from experience that here in the suburbs thats the one night they let their hair down. Last new years eve I met a hot 40 year old milf. Tall, thin blonde, with beautiful d-cup breasts. Her and I made out on the dance floor. I went home with her, her husband, and thier 34 year old male friend.

She was beautiful, I loved kissing her soft lips and sucking  and licking her perfect nipples and pussy.  Her body was amazing. Her husband was pretty hot too, and awesome at licking and fucking my pussy, while I kissed, sucked and licked his  wife’s beautiful body. The 34 year old was a little shy he didn’t participate in the threesome. Afterwards the couple when upstairs to bed, I found that he had a nice big thick cock, which felt amazing in my pussy.  I hope this New Years Eve is just as much fun!