Day 1 in LA

I arrived in LA Tuesday morning, its always a relief to arrive at my destination, this time especially so.  The flight had been unpleasant thanks to the obnoxious couple sitting in the adjoining seats. She was older, attractive and knew it (bitch). He was younger and totally pussy whipped. I stood in the aisle for five minutes while he searched through all of her things for her sweater. Finally the flight attendant told him that he had to sit down so the plane could take off.  The woman than preceded to complain loudly about everything.

The two of them started arguing, after about 20 minutes I couldn’t take anymore. I asked them to please save the argument for later. The woman responded that she could talk about whatever she wanted and if I didn’t like it I should move to another seat. I replied that this was my assigned seat and their arguing was inappropriate in this situation. Her boyfriend then proceeded to apologize to her and kiss her ass. (I heard every word of the argument he had no reason to apologize) it was disgusting watching a man act like such a spineless wimp.  No wonder she was such a miserable bitch, her boyfriend had no balls. So much for sleeping on that flight, It didn’t matter though I wasn’t going to let anything ruin my day!

I was so excited to be back. Although I was born in NJ and have also lived in Florida, Alaska and now Illinois,  I consider LA to be my hometown.  I lived in LA for 20 years, so lots of memories there.

First stops were Ziba beauty for eyebrow threading, my favorite nail shop, then a little shopping. (I always fit shopping in, its one of my favorite hobbies)

It was Tuesday so I planned on attending PSK at Sardos in Burbank. I showered than put on a tight, sexy, blue dress. After the long trip I didn’t feel like putting makeup on so I just threw a little mascara and lip gloss on.

First stop was a friends house. He’s only 27, so I’ve never considered a serious relationship with him, even though he is an amazing lover and totally hot. Blond hair blue eyes, and a tight muscular body.  My attraction to him is totally physical. As soon as I walked in the door we ripped off each others clothes, passionately kissing. he pushed me down on to the bed, I felt the head of his big hard cock enter my pussy, which by this time was soaking wet. I moaned in ecstasy as he pumped his huge hard cock in and out of  my pussy. I had an amazing orgasm, long and intense, waves of pleasure coursing through my whole body. He than came deep  inside my pussy, it felt so amazing. I absolutely love the way it feels when a man cums inside my pussy.

Next was karaoke,  Sardos doesn’t have Ciroc, my favorite vodka so I ordered a Grey Goose and tonic. It was great being back at Sardo’s. Its amazing how many porn stars  have wonderful singing voices and Seymour (owner of Sardos) is a real sweetheart. Best of all my good friend Magdalene St. Michaels was there!

Even though I planned on leaving at 11 because of my early morning shoot I stayed till closing. Karaoke was so much fun, well worth losing sleep for!